"I have learned in my life that
optimism is not the result of
changing the world but the route to doing so. The coming years are a generational chance to make a positive impact. We must see that chance with a deep sense of
the huge privilege that it is to be alive today, and a fierce, stubborn optimism.”

Christiana Figueres

I should like to see the same goodwill from the Paris Agreement applied to the numerous other open questions in our world

Pope Francis

Cities are essential to implementing the Paris Agreement. The Global Covenant of Mayors is the major platform to make that happen

Christiana Figueres

From pessimism to optimism

Global Optimism exists to precipitate a transformation from pessimism to optimism as a method of creating social and environmental change.

We do this via three main routes.

The first is by launching initiatives either by ourselves or in partnership to achieve specific outcomes we see as important. To date, Global Optimism has launched three initiatives; Mission 2020, Profiles of Paris and Future Stewards. These projects are run independently with our support.

The second route is via engagements with key organisations whose success we regard as vital. We currently have 12 engagements where we hold advisory, board or executive positions.

The third route is via periodic campaigns and media engagements that may either be public or behind the scenes.