The 2020s are the most important decade humanity has ever faced.

In the next ten years we will choose our future for generations to come. We all have a role to play; join us!

Listen to our weekly Podcast, Optimism and Outrage

To tackle the climate crisis, we need to harness the energy of outrage and the possibility of optimism. In this weekly podcast we bring these approaches together featuring some of the leading voices from government, business, activism and more. Co-hosted by Christiana, Tom and Paul Dickinson, with exciting guests including John Kerry, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and more. Listen now!


The Future We Choose: Join us!

Read The Future We Choose to decide your pathway for the next decade, find out how you can join a movement of global optimists or attend The Future We Choose public events


Global Optimism exists to catalyse transformation. We build movements for social and environmental change, starting by shifting pessimism to optimism

In addition to our platforms, Outrage and Optimism and The Future We Choose, we’ve launched initiatives ourselves and in partnership with like-minded organisations to achieve specific and important outcomes. Learn more about Mission 2020Profiles of Paris and Future Stewards. These projects are run independently with our support.

Our Co-founders engage with organisations that are working to change their trajectories, and have the potential to impact entire systems. We currently have several engagements where we hold advisory, board or executive positions.