In some cases, Global Optimism works by initiating and supporting projects that we see of critical importance.


When it comes to climate change, timing is everything. Current science now points incontrovertibly to the fact that we need to reach the global climate turning point by 2020 to begin the descent towards net zero emissions in the second half of the century.

Mission 2020 is an independent project that was initiated by Global Optimism in order to accelerate this turning point, with key strategic interventions, communications campaigns and other tools to build momentum and action. Christiana and Tom continue active engagement and participation together with Andrew Higham, CEO, and the wider team.

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Profiles of paris

The Profiles of Paris project aims to tell the story of how the breakthrough that led to the Paris Climate Agreement happened, and what it means for the future.

Far from being the creation of any one individual or specific approach, the outcome in Paris was a success for the multilateral, collaborative approach. It was also the result not only of an intergovernmental process, but also of an enabling global context that was created by thousands of business, cities, regions, investors, NGOs, students and citizens. In recognition of that, the Profiles of Paris project is aimed at inviting comment and perspective from initially hundreds, and eventually thousands of people who played direct or indirect roles. Invited participants are asked to assess what lessons the outcome in Paris can provide for the precipitation of breakthroughs in other areas of human endeavour.

The project is initiated by Global Optimism and run by Richard Kinley, Former Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC.

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Future Stewards

Future Stewards works with leaders taking bold action on climate change. We help them change dominant systems, shift cultures and drive innovation.

Our aim is to build a network of visionary change-makers to achieve the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement – and build a regenerative civilisation.

Tom and Christiana are founding partners.

This project is delivered in partnership with Leaders’ Quest and We Mean Business.

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