We must halve emissions and restore nature’s carbon
removal this decade

Global Optimism exists to precipitate transformational, sector-wide change. Achieving a zero emissions future is not a far-off challenge. It’s one we must get on track for now. Every scientific assessment shows that to meet the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, to keep global heating below 1.5°C, we must halve our emissions between 2020 and 2030.

Tackling the climate crisis is only possible when everyone, everywhere plays their part. We work with like-minded collectives from all sectors who are willing to invest in the choices required to be on this challenging – and life-affirming – journey.

The Climate Pledge

The Climate Pledge is a collaboration of companies committing to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement 10 years early

Many companies have done what they can to cut their greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade or two. But with only one decade to halve our emissions, as science says is necessary, we need more radical action, much faster. The Climate Pledge was announced on September 19, 2019 by Amazon and Global Optimism in Washington DC. It is an ambitious action platform for large companies around the world to commit to delivering the promise of the Paris Agreement earlier.

The Climate Pledge is a collaborative effort to catalyze the most ambitious actors in the private sector to work together to ensure climate action is transformational, and to protect the economy from disruptive risks associated with climate change. Companies that sign The Climate Pledge commit to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040 – a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050. 

Companies that sign The Climate Pledge agree to three principle areas of action:

1. Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis;

2. Implement decarbonization strategies through real business changes and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination strategies;

3. Neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially beneficial offsets to achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

Taken together, these three principles provide a transformational direction for ambitious companies in two important respects. Firstly, to significantly impact their businesses, their customers, consumers and suppliers. Secondly, when companies make significant efforts to cut emissions, it offers reassurance to policy makers who in turn, can direct public policy, incentives and finance toward a zero-carbon economy in the timing consistent with science.

For more information about The Climate Pledge, companies that have signed already and how to become a signatory, please visit The Climate Pledge website.

TED Countdown

Countdown is a worldwide movement to find ways to shift more rapidly, to a zero emissions world

Launching on October 10th, 2020, Countdown is an initiative powered by TED and Future Stewards, which Global Optimism co-founded.

Countdown’s goal is to identify compelling responses to five giant questions that will avert climate catastrophe, and to activate the solutions by connecting citizens directly with business and political leaders.

The five giant questions Countdown seeks to answer and support are:

How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?
The plunging cost of renewable energy could be a thrilling game-changer for widespread adoption.

Built environment
How can we re-engineer the stuff that surrounds us?
We need regenerative economics and a materials revolution.

How do we transform the ways we move?
It’s time to rethink our cars, trucks, ships and planes for the 21st century.

How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?
A delicious, nutritious future can be good for farmers — and the planet.

How extensively can we re-green the earth?
With conscious intervention, our forests, soil and oceans could help return us to a stable carbon cycle — saving us and countless other species.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Countdown, please visit the website.