Outrage and Optimism Podcast


Outrage and Optimism is a weekly podcast hosted by Global Optimism founders Tom Rivett-Carnac and Christiana Figueres and their long-time friend and collaborator Paul Dickinson.

Our aim with the podcast is to highlight how we need both the outrage we see on the streets as well as the deep conviction that we CAN address climate change to break through the current status quo. It’s not always easy to bring these two sentiments together, but we strongly feel that outrage without optimism leads to defeatism, and optimism without outrage leads to unacceptably incremental approaches. Instead, we endeavor to show how they can be forged into effective action.

Each week, we start with a round-up of what has made us feel either outraged or optimistic that week in the climate debate. This is followed by an in-depth interview with guest for the week, which to date have included David Attenborough, Ellie Goulding, Jane Goodall, Greta Thunberg, Richard Branson, Theresa May and David Miliband.