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The Future of Transport

Some of the greatest advancements and best minds of their time created the locomotives, automobiles, ship engines and airplanes that fuelled the industrial revolution and transformed the ability of humans to trade and travel across vast distances. With a few technological improvements over time, these same modes of transport and travel still underpin the global economy in 2020. 

Whilst these forms of transport are more efficient today than when they were invented, mainly in the 1800s, their reliance on fossil fuels puts the transport sector and humanity in danger.  The continued use of fossil fuels in the transportation sector contaminates the air we breathe, the land and the ocean and is the major cause of climate change. Nearly 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels to power our cars, trains, ships, trucks and airplanes. We have to radically change it all. 

This Outrage + Optimism investigative series on The Future of Transport explores how the transport sector can shift from a growing problem, causing irreparable damage to the wellbeing of people and planet, to clean up at a systemic level, and become a beacon of hope.



In 2019, UN Secretary General stated that “cities are where the climate battle will largely be won or lost” and he couldn’t be more right. With seven out of ten people expected to live in urban areas by 2050, and cities currently consuming ⅔ of the world’s energy, the need to transition off of fossil fuel based urban transport has never been more urgent.

But how do we solve deadly air pollution, traffic congestion, overcrowding while securing racial justice and a just transition for marginalized communities? The answer might surprise you. From flying taxis and high speed pods, to better bus routes and bike lanes, the urban transport solutions of the future look as unique and varied as the cities they might one day serve.

The future of sustainable cities will mean that billions of citizens can safely get around and enjoy healthy, equitable lives in our urban spaces. From Sao Paulo to London, Montreal to Kampala, Our hosts Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson speak to transport planners, pioneers and professors, all rising to the challenge of creating more sustainable cities.

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Claire Birungi
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, Country Manager, Uganda
Shirley Rodrigues
London’s Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy
Pia Heidenmark Cook
Chief Sustainability Officer, Ingka Group
Florian Reuter
CEO Volocopter
Robin Chase
Co-founder of Zipcar, Veniam, NUMO
Jay Walder
CEO Virgin Hyperloop
Kevin Manaugh
Associate professor in the Department of Geography and The Bieler School of Environment at McGill University.
Sergio Avelleda
Urban Mobility Director at the World Resources Institute Ross Center For Sustainable Cities.



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